OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift: Blake Shelton Needs a Favor

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When Adam Levine asked Justin Bieber to tweet about Javier Colon, his protégé on The Voice, things happened. Millions of things. And then Colon won. So next time, Blake Shelton says it is on. He has a plan to get another power tweeter to hit the Internet on his behalf. “I knew how close the votes were, and then I read that Bieber had gotten involved,” Shelton said in a recent radio interview. “But that’s what Adam was supposed to do as Javier’s coach, you know? I mean, he’s supposed to pull every string he’s got and bring it home for him. By God, I’m gonna make better friends with Taylor Swift and get her on my side for this season.” It’s a solid strategy. But Shelton may need to have Swift tweet her encouragement more than once, because she has only has 6.9 million followers while Bieber has 10.8 million.

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