Johnny Cash Remixes Subject of Lawsuit

A licensing agreement for remixed Johnny Cash recordings has prompted a lawsuit by Nashville-based Sun Entertainment Corp., against Compadre Records of Houston. The suit alleges breach of contract and copyright infringement, saying that Compadre did not make required payments to Sun following licensing deals with outside companies. The lawsuit cites a remix of “Country Boy” was used by ABC at a cost of $23,250 to advertise the CMA Awards and the CMA Music Festival. That remix also appeared in a trailer for the film Zombieland with a $40,000 fee. Furthermore, a remix of “Get Rhythm” appeared at a cost of $70,000 in an advertising campaign by Columbia Records. Attorneys for Sun are seeking the company’s share of the licensing fees. Sun and Compadre had partnered in 2007 for a remix album of Cash’s Sun Recordings.