Sweet Home Alabama Bachelors Banter on Facebook

New Episode of CMT's Hit Series Premieres Thursday

As Southern belle Devin Grissom takes a shot at love in CMT’s new hit series, Sweet Home Alabama ’s Facebook page is all the rage for the bachelors and their fans. Vying for her affection and trying to edge out the competition, the bachelors themselves are commenting on the show and participating in playful banter. And fans are not shy about rooting for their favorites.

It’s become a showdown between the city slickers and the country boys, but all the men seem to be enjoying the competition.

Jeff Miranda, one of the show’s bachelors and a regular to the show’s Facebook page, sticks up for the city boys by writing, “I feel like everyone is against us city guys … come on you knowww we dont look that bad at all. haha. maybe the country isnt ready for real sexiness yet … lol.”

Fellow city boy Jason Maxim chimes in and writes, “Hey common now, city guys are people too. Some of us may even be a little country.”

So far, the country bachelors haven’t matched the city boys’ visibility on the Facebook page, but they’ve got plenty of supporters actively lobbying on their behalf. Among the comments written by viewers:

“Choose one of the cowboys please!! love the show!”

“I hate those dumb city boys, they’er all full of themselves.”

“I have always wanted a cowboy!!! they are sooooo damn sexy!!!!!”

And …

“Dont keep those sissy ass city boys , them country boys is what she needs if shes a true southern belle.”

Grissom is also participating in live chats, where she answers fans’ questions about the show.

“It was such an amazing experience!” she says to a fan. “I’m a lucky girl … All of the guys on the show were so great.”

The new episode of Sweet Home Alabama premieres Thursday (July 21) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CMT.