OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Plus Kate Plus 8

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I’ve always been on Team Kate. More than just on it, really. More like a founding member of the club. Especially when her TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 turned into the Jon Gosselin Can’t Stop Bitching and Moaning and Cheating show in late 2009. I felt like she got a bad rap for being a busy mother (one who is mothering eight little kids, mind you). So when I hear that she took all eight of her kids to a Taylor Swift concert, I couldn’t be happier for her. After the show, she tweeted, “Thank u again 4 thrilling 8 little Gosselins & their mom:) w/ a great meeting & show! We love u — always have/always will! Xoxo.” She also said, “Just waking up here. Concert was amazing! My little girls danced along imitating the ballet dancers onstage & we all sang loud together! SO fun!” and “Taylor is amazing. Great role model 4 my girls, her mom is sweet & we love them! Sumthing I can do to bond w my kids!” and “A-mazing concert, @taylorswift13 omg amazing! I’ve seen Taylor three times now in concert & this 1 is the best yet!” The nine Gosselins also had the chance to meet and greet and hug Swift before the show started, so Kate also tweeted about that. “Hi! We r@ Taylor Swift’s concert & we r loving r Taylor! Just came from giving hugs & wishing her luck tonight! Can’t wait 2 c show-Speak Now!”

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