OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban: “I Hated School”

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It’s hard to believe that someone so skilled at guitar playing and so well-versed in songwriting would be someone who describes himself as “terrible” at school. But in Keith Urban’s latest “Urban Talk” video on the AT&T and Samsung Facebook page , he talks openly about dropping out of high school to play guitar. “I was playing with a band on weekends, and then they would play without me during the week,” he recalls. “And I thought, ’If I could just get rid of this school nonsense, I could play like five, six nights a week.’ I’d been playing since I was 6. I was now 15. I was really lucky to have supportive parents, even so much as I wanted to leave school when I was 15. I hated school. I was terrible at it.” Even though he wanted to quit the day he turned 15, Urban says he did finish out the year. And we all know what’s been happening since then. Urban is still grateful his parents never asked him to find other employment. “Glad I still don’t have a real job,” he laughs.

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