OFFSTAGE: ESPN’s Erin Andrews on Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift

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I’m not a sports fan, but I’m an avid Erin Andrews fan. She’s the ESPN sideline reporter who was brave enough to do everything she had to do to put her complete creep of a stalker behind bars. (Remember? He filmed her in her hotel room from the peephole in her door? That pervert gets out of jail soon, and he lives three miles from me, by the way.) Anyway, that was two years ago, and Andrews is talking all about the aftermath in this month’s issue of Marie Claire. But when she was in New York City last week, she also talked all about country music and what a big fan she is. It’s a much lighter topic. She says Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” is the song she has on constantly. And, she says, “I love Taylor Swift right now. I’m obsessed with her. I think she’s phenomenal.” The rest of the country on her list? Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. “I’ve actually had a chance to work with a couple of these people, and they’re just great people to be around. A lot of them are huge college football fans, which is pretty cool,” Andrews added. But back to Swift. Andrews says she has a friend who is trying to convince her to spend some time in a recording studio. “My tone is OK, but my range is awful,” she admitted. “I like to imitate the song ’Mine’ and ’Mean,’ so we always joke about going into the studio.”

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