Sweet Home Alabama Star Catches Up With CMT Insider

New Episode of Reality Series Premieres Thursday on CMT

Editor’s note: The new episode of Sweet Home Alabama airs Thursday (Aug. 4) at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

On the first episode of Sweet Home Alabama, 10 city guys and 10 country guys moved into a house to win the affections of Devin Grissom, an upbeat Alabama college student. Four weeks into the series, the field has been reduced to 10.

Just like the viewers, Grissom is discovering in every episode how the guys behaved when she wasn’t around. In this interview with CMT Insider correspondent Allison DeMarcus, Grissom talks about watching the barbecue that turned into a brawl and meeting Snooki’s ex-boyfriend.

CMT: You’ve had a really busy summer.

Grissom: Such a busy summer. It’s been a whirlwind, and I’m so glad we get to catch up. It’s been so long.

What has it been like to watch the series — seeing what was happening behind your back and watching it all play out?

I knew that this would happen as we were filming. You know, the only things that I really knew about were the one-on-ones with the guys and group dates and that sort of thing. All I knew about the whole experience was what was in my head and what these guys told me. It’s really strange being able to watch it back and seeing what went on in the house — and who fights over chicken. I just want to put that out there. Who fights over chicken? It’s really funny to see what they have to say behind the scenes and what’s really going on.

If it wasn’t chicken, it was going to be something else.


What did you think when you found out Jeff was the former boyfriend of Snooki?

Well, on the first episode, you can see my reaction. That was the first time I found out. I was like, “Uh.” … I had to take a second because, like I’ve said before, Snooki and I are polar opposites. If I were him, that wouldn’t be something I would brag about the first time meeting someone. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to get to know him more. I wanted to get to know the real Jeff and see what he was behind all the Jersey Shore stereotypes. He is a really nice guy, a really sweet guy, and he surprised me behind the scenes. You can definitely tell he has some issues with some of the guys, but to me, he was nothing but a gentleman.

Did you ever let anyone go that you regretted later?

That was some of my concern throughout the whole thing. I’m not getting to know these guys as well as I wished, in the beginning especially. What if I’m making the wrong choice? Looking back and seeing how genuine and sweet Mike Short was after I sent him home, it does make me sad. But I know in the end, the outcome is exactly how I want it to be. I’m very, very happy, so I guess the rest of it doesn’t really matter.

You’ve been on a lot of dates in your life, but what was it like when you had to have cameras on these dates?

The first couple episodes, I’m not gonna lie, it was just weird. Obviously, for anyone, it would be strange to try to really get to know someone when there’s a camera around you. But as we go with these guys and as the relationships get stronger, at some point the cameras just feel like they disappear. That was really important for me — to be able to see if I could actually feel like I was learning things about these guys and forming those relationships. And I definitely did. By the end, it was just normal, and I completely forgot that there were cameras around at all.