OFFSTAGE: Will American Idol‘s Lauren Alaina Record a New Carrie Underwood Song?

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When Lauren Alaina was in Minnesota on Wednesday (Aug. 3), and a couple of country radio personalities casually asked if she’d be working with Carrie Underwood at all on her upcoming album, she replied, “Carrie Underwood actually wrote one of the songs that’s a possibility to be on my album.” Wow. That’s huge. Now, that doesn’t mean Underwood sat down and wrote a song for Alaina. It could be one Underwood wrote but didn’t cut herself. But, still, I think whatever the song is about, it’s likely a good fit for Alaina since the two singers have so much in common. Their “Before He Cheats” duet on American Idol proved that. But Alaina also admits that of all the celebs she has met during this Idol process, it’s Miley Cyrus who tops the list. “She is one of the most down-to-earth, nice girls that I met throughout the whole experience. Especially off camera. It was like a friend of mine,” she said of Cyrus.

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