OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Praise From Gill, Paisley

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You’re only as good as what the greats say, right? I just made that up, but when you read about Carrie Underwood from Vince Gill and Brad Paisley’s perspectives, it kind of makes sense. I mean, everyone knows what a perfectly powerful voice Underwood was blessed with. But to hear country’s bests say things like “The possibility of Carrie’s longevity is through the roof. There are fine singers, and there are gifted, great singers, and she’s one of those. Her vocal skills are off the hook.” That’s from Gill. And Paisley simply had this to say, “Carrie is the best singer in any format of music. I’m floored by her.” It’s all in the story about Underwood from the People Country’s Biggest Stars special issue on newsstands now. Gill also talks about how he encouraged Underwood when she got to Nashville. “I told her, ’Don’t worry about how you got the door open, just get in.’ And once the door opened, her talent was undeniable,” he recalls.