OFFSTAGE: Is Blake Shelton’s TV Salary Enough?

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Before you all go crazy wondering why I think Blake Shelton doesn’t make enough money, hear me out. Shelton reportedly made just $75,000 an episode on this year’s breakout hit show, NBC’s The Voice. Not too shabby, right? However, Shelton’s pay is relatively meager pay compared to the other coach on the show, Christina Aguilera, who makes a staggering what-would-you-even-do-with-that-much-money $225,000 an episode.

This is from a survey out in the latest TV Guide. There are plenty of numbers in the story to make you rethink your own career, like how Matt Lauer makes $17 million a year and Ashton Kutcher will get $700,000 an episode for Two and a Half Men. But the Shelton thing has me baffled.

If Aguilera makes that much more than Shelton an episode, then over the course of the season, that’s nearly $2 million more that she is making. How is that fair? Shelton did so much to up the charm factor on that show. Maybe he should get a bonus just for that.

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