American Idol Finalist Lauren Alaina Honors Mother-Daughter Bond in Music Video

"Like My Mother Does" Is First Single From Upcoming Album

When Lauren Alaina first heard “Like My Mother Does,” she cried. In fact, so did her mother. Though written by Nathan Chapman, Liz Rose and Nicole Williams, the poetic lyrics seemed to illustrate their powerful mother-daughter bond.

For her debut music video, directed by Shaun Silva, personal home footage and photos of Alaina and her mother are interspersed throughout.

“The song’s about my mom, and I kind of know everything about my mom,” Alaina recently told “So it was easy for me to sing about her. She was there and watching me through the screen, so it was real comforting. She’s always with me, so it would be weird for her not to be there.”

In fact, Alaina’s mother has been with her for every step of her journey. From the day she tried out for American Idol in Nashville to now, her mother is also accompanying her on the road as she tours with the season 10 finalists on the American Idols tour.

Asked about shooting her first video, Alaina admits it wasn’t a difficult adjustment.

“I’m used to cameras being around because ofAmerican Idol,” she admitted. “It was just different because I was singing to a camera lens. But this time, there wasn’t anyone on the other side watching. It wasn’t live. So we would stop and do it again, and that was a little strange to me, but it was a lot of fun.”

What was the biggest perk of shooting her very first music video?

“I got to get my hair and makeup done and they did a beautiful job,” she smiled. “I’m excited for everyone to see it.”

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