OFFSTAGE: The Love/Hate Thing About Kenny Chesney

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

You can love Kenny Chesney but still hate his decision to reschedule his Boston-area concert this weekend. In fact, because you love him may be the very reason you hate the decision. At least, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to after reading Chesney’s Facebook wall and hearing some of his most loyal fans rant about the move of Sunday’s (Aug. 28) show to Friday (Aug. 26) because of the forecasted hurricane-level storms headed to New England. And as much as people understand that their safety is his biggest consideration, some are not so understanding. Yet, plenty of people are pretty willing to go with the flow and move mountains to get to the show two days early. Here is a random sample of some pros and con posts on his page:

“Your fan base being as diverse as it is includes MANY working adults with kids and jobs!!”

“Seriously people — stop whining about the switch!!!”

“I know we have no control over mother nature, but she sure put a crimp in our plans!”

“They should consider rescheduling the entire weekend. Saturday people will be traveling in bad weather trying to get home. Look at the weather, people, this is serious.”

“I understand that safety is first, but 2 days is really not good enough for most people who work or who have to travel. ”

“Watch, it’ll be sunny and beautiful.”

“Can you start the concert earlier on Saturday? Weather channel just said tropical downpours starting Saturday evening.”

“These people can get over themselves, (expletive) happens. I’m just glad you didn’t cancel the show! See you Friday.”

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