CMT Blog: Martina McBride Combines the Old, New and Unexpected for CMT Unplugged

Superstar Martina McBride’s reputation as a powerful vocalist with a soaring range has kept her in the country spotlight since her recording debut in 1992. In the almost two decades since, she’s evolved into an artist with crossover pop appeal while remaining firmly planted country music. That kind of popularity allows her to please a wide range of fans. For her appearance on Starburst Presents CMT Unplugged: Martina McBride , her set list features tracks from her upcoming album, Eleven, including “One Night,” a song she co-wrote for those very fans.

“I wanted to write a song to start my show with,” she tells CMT. “I really wrote it for my fans, and it’s really just about the concert experience. For me, it’s about we have this one night to share together. This is it. Let’s live it up and make a memory.”

McBride’s longtime fans will remember one of her earlier hits “Safe in the Arms of Love” from 1995. The unplugged version sounds timeless — as any classic should. Those of her more pop-savvy fans can also relish in her inspired performance Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song,” a song specifically chosen as her “contradictions track” that’s now part of the CMT Unplugged series. No matter which way you like your country, there’s something you’ll enjoy in this CMT exclusive.