OFFSTAGE: Jason Aldean, a Bag of Chips and a Radio

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

In a way, it’s kind of what Jason Aldean didn’t have that made him love music so much. When he was in Chicago on Saturday night (Aug. 27), we were talking about the long car rides from Georgia to Florida he used to take as a kid. “It was about a 12-hour trip for me to go see my dad. We didn’t have DVD players or any of that stuff. It was a bag of chips and a radio. Man, that was it,” he laughed. “No Nintendo DS or anything. Which is kind of cool because that’s what turned me on to music. A lot of those times driving back and forth, I just didn’t have anything to do but listen to the radio. I’d sit there for 12 hours and sing all the songs on the radio. That’s where part of my love for music came into play.” Now when Aldean and his wife take their daughters to their new beach house, they take his tour bus. “I’ve got two young kids and having them in the car for eight hours? That’s a lot to ask of a 4-year-old to be cool for eight hours in car. On the bus, they can run around. They got their own little bunks. Both of them grew up around it, so it’s kinda their second home. I wish I would’ve had that luxury,” he told me. I’m kind of glad he didn’t, though, because that car radio wouldn’t have shaped him the way it did.

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