CMT Blog: “Wildflower” Inspires Superstar Hopefuls

In a world gaga for Gaga and suffering from Bieber-fever, you sometimes wonder if young kids today are trading pop for country. Being in Nashville, we see kids in cowboy hats year-round, which isn’t exactly an accurate gauge. So imagine my relief to have country represented so well in the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search contest going on now. Of the five finalists, two talented young ladies chose to sing “Wildflower” by the JaneDear Girls. Fans can watch each performance and vote now at the Chewy Superstar website through Sept. 9. The winner gets a grand prize pack that includes $5,000, a song produced by Nick Jonas, an online music video and a contract with Jonas Group Management. Who knows? Maybe one of the “Wildflower” hopefuls will be the next Taylor Swift.