OFFSTAGE: Sparks Fly When Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift

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There were sparks, for sure, but not the romantic kind. These were more of the fire-starting kind — the ones that set boats on fire. But not to worry, it was all just an elaborate scheme to prank Taylor Swift, now that Justin Bieber is allegedly taking over the head prankster role on MTV’s Punk’d. (Think Candid Camera but with the jokes always being played on celebs.) is reporting the practical joke they played on Swift went like this: Bieber has her come over to his beach house to write some love songs. When she got there, they decided to set off some fireworks. (Is that standard protocol for kicking off a songwriting session?) Anyway, the fireworks set fire to a boat where a wedding was taking place, and everyone, including the bride, groom and priest, had to jump into the water to escape the flames. They blamed Swift, who apologized profusely, before being told it was all just a big ol’ practical joke. No word on the air date, but it sounds like a must-see punking.

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