OFFSTAGE:  Carrie Underwood Can’t Wait for Jane’s Addiction

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Thank Carrie Underwood’s sisters. She credits them for her musical diversity. “We constantly had the radio on all the time,” she says of herself and her teenage sisters. “Without them, I wouldn’t have been exposed to so much so young.” In fact, it sounds like her tastes run a lot deeper than just country music, and so she’s hoping to see alternative rockers Jane’s Addiction while she’s out in Las Vegas performing at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Friday night (Sept. 23).  “That would be a good one to watch,” she says of the band. But in a video interview, she also talks about the moment right after her American Idol audition when she knew her life was about to take a crazy turn. “It worked for Kelly Clarkson, why not me?” she said of her rationale for even going to the audition in the first place. “And then after that, it was all just door after door after door being opened.” She also says, simply, “I just love to sing.” Which is why her fans probably just love to hear her sing.

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