OFFSTAGE: I Hate You This Big, Simon Cowell

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He claims he’s not taking a dig at Scotty McCreery. But just how backwards does Simon Cowell think we are? Like we wouldn’t be able to see through his passive/aggressive British demeanor. In an interview with TMZ Live, Cowell says that when he put on his best Southern accent and said, “I love you this bay-ig,” he’s just being funny. Ha ha ha ha. That is so hysterical, Simon. “It’s Scotty from Idol,” he explains. “It just made me laugh. I heard him say this once, and I remember impersonating it afterwards. That was the only Southern thing I could do, so I held onto it.” But Cowell also makes a remark about cocky teenagers, when he’s talking about how his new show doesn’t have an age cap, which makes me think that’s a direct insult to his old associates (and winners) on American Idol. And as for the competitiveness between competition shows, Cowell just says this: “Everybody’s working harder.” And as for the way American Idol works now? “It’s not what I call my cup of tea,” Cowell says.

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