OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Goes Hibachi With Selena Gomez

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A few nights ago, Taylor Swift and actress pal Selena Gomez were spotted in Beverly Hills having dinner together. No big deal, right? But when two stars as big as Gomez and Swift waltz into a Benihana restaurant, here’s what I keep wondering: Who sat with them? As you may or may not know, the famous Japanese hibachi steakhouse has these teppanyaki tables that usually seat eight. So if you go with just two people, you may end up sitting with a birthday party or a family or a few nice couples. And Swift and Gomez hardly seem like the kinds of divas who would request a table alone. That kind of defeats the purpose of going to a Benihana in the first place. I mean, the onion soup is good, but it’s not that good. I also wonder what the chef thought of the two celebs as he was juggling his steak knives, building the onion volcano and catching shrimp tails in his shirt pocket. About a year ago, Swift told David Letterman she taught herself a little Japanese. Maybe she used it to order their dinners.

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