OFFSTAGE: Shania Twain Stalker’s Love Letters Revealed

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“Physician, heal thyself.”That’s what I’d like to say to Giovanni Palumbo, a former Ottawa surgeon and Shania Twain stalker, after hearing what his letters to the singer had to say. I mean, there are no real rules about what a piece of fan mail should or shouldn’t say, but I think it’s safe to say “I know you’re playing hard to get — no, scratch that, impossible to get — and that’s because you know you’re perfect and so am I” crosses the line. Palumbo, 51, is currently on trial in Canada for criminal harassment as well as three counts of failing to comply with a court order. Beyond sending her hundreds of handwritten love letters, he did things like show up at Twain’s brother-in-law’s auto shop with a “car issue” and even came to her cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. And in court last week, the love letters were revealed , with all their creepy quotes like, “You are my everything” and “I will do anything and everything, for I truly need you” and “I can be free any time.” But apparently this Palumbo guy cannot take a hint. Because when the topic of the vast amount of letters was brought up, this is what he said to Twain in his defense: “But I didn’t know you received any of them — you understand?” Yes, we all understand. In fact, we’re all crazy about Twain. We just keep the crazy to a minimum.

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