OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert: “If You Can Rock It, Rock It”

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Good advice for feather extensions — and for life, really — from Miranda Lambert. It’s from the new issue of Ladies Home Journal, where she talks about her attitude on the latest hair craze . “I got feathers, like every other girl. Hey, if you can rock it, rock it,” she says. Another stay-sexy secret she tells the magazine, maybe accidentally, is to not get too comfortable in overalls. “I wear Dickies overalls. They’re dangerous, though, because if you don’t work out for a while and you’re wearing overalls, you tend to forget that your jeans might not fit when you put them back on,” she warns. But it’s not all health and beauty tips. Lambert talks a lot about what keeps her sane, like her life with new husband Blake Shelton in Oklahoma. “We don’t have a house in Nashville or L.A. We’re not part of a scene. We come from a town of 4,000 and go to his mom’s for dinner every night that we’re home. She always has beans and cornbread going,” she says. And she admits she’s trying to make Shelton’s house less of a guy house. “You know, bedspreads and candles,” Lambert says. So, to recap: feathers, bedspreads, candles, dinners at home — good. Overalls — bad.

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