OFFSTAGE: Behind the Seams of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Gown

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Taylor Swift always says how much she loves Forever 21 dresses. But this one she’s wearing in her Wonderstruck fragrance campaign ? It is so not a mall dress. It is, in fact, from designer Christian Siriano ’s spring 2010 line, and he told me why this design was so fitting for Swift. “Her stylist said that her whole team loved the dress, that it was so magical and that they wanted one piece that would give it a moment,” he said. “It’s like she’s in a different place. But it’s iconic and special because fragrance commercials last forever.” Siriano, the youngest winner of the Project Runway reality TV series, said he made a few changes to the dress once Swift tried it on because she said, “I love it, but make it bigger.” So he made it more voluminous. “I found that she only wears things she really loves, so every detail she added was just to make it perfect. I love to make things that are almost like a fantasy or like you were envisioning it in a dream. I mean, you’re not dreaming of yourself in a blazer.” The dress never had a name, but Siriano says it’s now called the Taylor Swift Dress. And despite its high-end price tag (between $6,500 and $7,500, depending on the beading), he has been taking a lot of orders. “The response has been exuberant. There are a lot of women who have social events and balls, and I think that’s the kind of women who are ordering it. Or maybe a young girl for a prom. It’s a couture, hand-made, labored piece. But I wouldn’t put anything past Taylor Swift fans.”

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