OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars Might Mash Up

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Is there anyone Taylor Swift hasn’t collaborated with? As a matter of fact, yes. It is the velvet-voiced, reggae-soul pop singer Bruno Mars. Swift told E! Online that he is on her list of duet hopefuls. “I’d love to sing with Bruno Mars because he has an incredible voice,” she told them.

So let’s get started on some possible mash-ups for them, shall we? My favorite tune of Mars’ is “Grenade,” because it’s about a love so strong that he would stop a grenade for her, but she won’t do the same. So that might make sense with Swift’s “You’re Not Sorry,” about a guy who isn’t as remorseful as she’d like him to be.

Another potential one would be Mars’ little “Lazy Song,” with all that acoustic guitar and whistling, which might sound nice with Swift’s “Mean,” because they both have the same kind of light-hearted melodies (even though both tell completely different stories). I could hear something like “Why you gotta be so lounging’ on the couch, just chilling in a Snuggie?”

Then of course, Mars’ perfect love song “Just the Way You Are” would fit nicely into the lyrics of Swift’s “Love Story.” It could go something like this: “Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone/And when you smile, the whole world stops for a while/Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone.”

If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

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