OFFSTAGE: The Literal Charm of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Even if you haven’t sampled Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck perfume yet, you can probably imagine what the sweet honeysuckle fragrance might smell like. But it’s the actual bottle you have to see to believe. The gold cap that tops the round purple bottle is embellished with the number 13. And then there are the charms that adorn the top. Three of them, and if I was still wearing a charm bracelet, I would take some needle-nose pliers to them and add them to my wrist. One is a Moravian star, and Swift told InStyle magazine why it’s there. “I have similar pendants hanging in the T-Party, the room where I hang out with fans after concerts,” she explained. Then there’s a dove. “There is something so beautiful and graceful about doves,” she said. And the last one is a birdcage (not for the dove, though). She explained the cage by saying, “My home is decorated with antique birdcages. I added this charm to give the bottle a vintage feel.”