OFFSTAGE: Eric Church Says “Boone McCoy” Fits His Son

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Boone McCoy Church. That is quite a big name for such a tiny little boy. But for Eric Church and his wife Katherine, that’s the name that fits their two and-a-half week old son. “Boone was a family name, and it’s also the name of the city where I went to school in North Carolina,” Church told me. “And McCoy was a family name on Katherine’s side. So we were trying to put family names together. We played around with Boone McCoy, and McCoy Boone. But we needed to make sure we laid eyes on him to make sure he looked like a Boone McCoy. And he does.” He also said baby Boone is already starting to be more aware and look around. “It’s all just an amazing thing,” he said. “It’s even weird how things change from the way we felt the day before we had him, and then all of the sudden, one day later, here’s this life. The way our life changed in that 24-hour period alone — just by putting a little boy in the house — was awesome.” Mother and father are learning a lot more, sleeping a lot less, and loving every minute.

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