OFFSTAGE: Jason Aldean Had No Worries, No Priorities

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I left some tattoos on my hometown. But, still, I think the ones Jason Aldean left on his were much cooler. My tattoos — and all my teenage experiences, really — were tame compared to his. “We would go park somewhere that we probably shouldn’t be. Go to somebody’s farm and just hang out and steal their daddy’s beer,” he admits in this video on his website. It’s about why he loves his song “Tattoos on This Town” so much — because it takes him back. “It takes you back to being a teenager, being a kid when you didn’t have any worries or any priorities. You didn’t have anything,” he says. “You got up, you hung out with your friends, you might of had a job that you really didn’t care about that much. It was just about living in the moment and having fun.” I like to think that even though Aldean is grown up now and has actual worries and real priorities, he’s still living in the moment.