OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert on Kim Kardashian: “Divorce Is Not an Option”

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“Divorce is not an option. That’s what my mom has always said. That’s what I’m gonna take to my marriage,” Miranda Lambert told me Wednesday morning (Nov. 2). We were talking about the lessons she’s learned from the strong marriage her parents have, and she said, “It’s so cool to have that example set for me my whole life. It’s kind of clear that it [divorce] can’t happen.” Then I asked what she thought about Kim Kardashian’s situation. And by “situation,” I mean having a lavish million-dollar wedding and then filing for divorce 72 days later. “I just kind of feel sorry for her in a way,” Lambert said. “In another way, I don’t. Because you get what asked for. Living that kind of a lifestyle, you know that you’re gonna have backlash. I think that it’s stressful enough to get married for regular people, like Blake and I, and I can’t imagine all that pressure on her.” And in a week when there is so much going on in the world, Lambert just thinks there are more important stories to cover. “I wish that people would talk about news that mattered,” she told me. “I think it’s sad that that’s the headline news — that Kim Kardashian got divorced. There are way bigger issues to deal with, and it kind of makes me think we need to check ourselves.” Then she laughed and added, “If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have been on cover of USA Today.” Check back later this week for more from our conversation about her new album, Four the Record.