OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban on Polyps and Fiats

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Obviously, I wasn’t in Australia yesterday to listen to morning radio. But that’s why there is the Internet and podcasts, such as The Kyle and Jackie O Show, a very popular syndicated breakfast radio show from Down Under. And they got to the bottom of Keith Urban’s throat problems, thanks to a call-in interview with Urban himself. I have kind of an unofficial medical degree from my time spent on, so I have to agree with Urban that his upcoming throat surgery is not a reason to worry. “I think the technology has improved exponentially,” he said. “The success of this kind of surgery is much greater than before. I’m hoping I can continue that tradition. At some point in the tour, I hemorrhaged into a vocal cord, and this little polyp formed, and it’s not going anywhere. So we have to have it removed. I think it’s less dangerous now since the Julie Andrews debacle years ago.” But definitely keep the interview playing until the end because eventually they start talking about more lighthearted topics, such as Urban’s car collection. “I’ve got all kinds of cars. I have a ’68 Lincoln, a ’56 Lincoln and this thing kind of yangs the yin,” he says of his new Fiat 500. He bought the adorable and affordable car because it brought back memories of the one he had as a teenager and because it fits in the trailer so he can take it on tour.