Taylor Swift Is “Out-of-My-Mind-Happy” About Wins at American Music Awards

Artist of the Year Included in Her Three Latest Honors

It’s been a good month for Taylor Swift. After being named the CMA’s entertainer of the year, she won the big prize — artist of the year — at Sunday night’s (Nov. 20) American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

At the AMAs, Swift was also named favorite female country artist, and her Speak Now album was proclaimed favorite country album.

Of course, it’s been another good year overall for Swift, and she talked about her latest honors backstage at the AMA show.

“I just am so shocked and stunned and absolutely out-of-my-mind happy about this,” she said. “The fact that the fans have been there for me — more and more each year — it just blows my mind. To have gotten to win entertainer of the year at the CMA Awards was just absolutely one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. And then a few weeks later, here is another one of the most amazing things that has happened to me. I can’t even tell you how much I am really loving this fall season so far.”

Asked what tips she would give young people who want to become musicians, Swift stressed the importance of originality.

“I think the advice I would give is to see your hero and get inspiration from all your heroes, but try to be something completely different from your heroes,” she said. “For me, I think that writing my own songs was a way to create what I wanted to create … about my life. That way, it kind of became my diary to put to music every time I put out a new record. And I guess I would say learn an instrument because it makes everything easier. Like, [if] you’re going to go play out [somewhere], it helps if you’ve got your own guitar and you can accompany yourself.”

Following her visit to Los Angeles, Swift headed to New York City to finish out her 2012 tour with performances Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 21-22) at Madison Square Garden. She told reporters one of her biggest pre-show rituals is determining what to wear onstage each night.

“For me, it’s really about trying to pick something that’s a little different to wear than what we’ve always done, but also something really comfortable that you can have fun in and dance in,” she said. “That was one of my favorite things about tonight. It was a really fun night.”

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