OFFSTAGE: Justin Moore’s Big Girl Was Ready for Her Baby Sister

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Justin Moore’s wife Kate was not with him when I saw him at the BMI Awards a couple of weeks ago. She was just too pregnant. “She’s tired. Actually, she’s just tired of me, is what it is. If she could’ve sat with Keith Urban tonight, she would’ve came,” he told me. Then the next night, at the CMA Awards , when we had more time, I asked how he and his wife were preparing for the new baby. By getting their first born daughter Ella ready, that’s how. “Ella’s 21 months. She’s all over the place. She’s a terror, really,” Moore said. “She’s saying anything you say, so we’re watching our mouths. And it’s got to the point already where we have to spell stuff out.” So, basically, she’s 2? That, as most parents know, can be a blessing and a curse. Ella is doing very big-girl things though, like sleeping in a real bed. (“No rails or nothing,” Moore bragged), so she is more than ready to be a big help to her mom and dad now that her baby sister Kennedy Faye arrived Monday (Nov. 21) in Arkansas. Congrats to the whole Moore clan.

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