The Band Perry Celebrate Grammy Nod With Indian Feast

They Earn Best New Artist Nomination on Wednesday Night

Moments after earning a Grammy nod for best new artist and performing at the nominations concert, The Band Perry had just one more thing on their to-do list — a festive ethnic dinner in Los Angeles.

“We are bouncing off the walls,” Kimberly Perry told by phone on Wednesday night (Nov. 30) as the group was leaving the venue. “And we are going to an Indian restaurant to celebrate. Any excuse for Indian food! But this is a darn good one, you know?”

During the Grammy nominations telecast on CBS, she and her brothers, Reid and Neil Perry, played their song “Independence” blended with a few lines of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.” After the televised portion, the trio performed a full set like the one they’ve offered on tours with Reba McEntire and Tim McGraw.

However, their breakthrough hit, “If I Die Young,” did not land in any country categories this year because it had already been included on last year’s ballot for best country song.

Asked what was going through her mind when the band’s name was revealed in the best new artist category, Perry said, “It was a very special thing. The first thing I thought about, and that the boys and I were talking about, was that it’s been a long walk to the best new artist category. I mean, we just celebrated 13 years traveling as a family band — and 11 of them were as an independent band. To see that culminate onstage tonight was a really moving thing.”

She continued, “And the second thing I was so surprised and in love with was the variety in that category — everybody from Nicki Minaj to The Band Perry, a country band, and everything in between. It’s really special to be part of a diverse category.”

Perry noted that her own musical tastes are equally diverse.

“Our parents were like our very first radio,” she said. “Dad was a rock ’n’ roll lover, and Mom was a country fan, but she was also a Michael Jackson fan and everything in between. For us, the Grammys have always been one of the biggest events of the year. A lot of families do sports and we do music. So for us, it’s the equivalent of making it to the Super Bowl.”

The Grammy Awards will air live on CBS on Feb. 12.

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