OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Shows Interest in Pinterest

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

My name is Alison B. And I’m a Pinterest addict. And it looks like Taylor Swift may be one, too. She told People that her new love for homemade snow globes came from the popular website. “That was my first time making snow globes out of mason jars, antique Christmas trinkets and glitter. I found out how to do it on Pinterest. It made for a lovely winter activity day — [it] made me feel like a little kid again,” she said.

Pinterest calls itself an online pinboard where you can organize and share things you love. Once you go to this website, it’s really hard to shut it down. So you might decide to copy that snowglobe craft, then make the chocolate chip candy cane cookies you saw next to them, then print out the inspirational message above that, then experiment with a new hairstyle, then learn a new joke, then rearrange your furniture because of a picture you saw, and so on. See how you could get sucked in and stay forever?

Swift’s not getting all artsy and craftsy just for herself. She’s got gifts to buy for her friends, too. “I like to get my friends gifts that show that I really know them. If one of my friends says something about wanting something, I’ll write it down and get that for them for Christmas,” she said. If Swift is on your Christmas list, here’s what she’s hoping for: pasta maker, antique picture frames and anything from Anthropologie.

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