OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert on Blake Shelton’s Sweet, Big-Brother Side

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In Entertainment Weekly ’s list of the entertainers of the year, Miranda Lambert gets a chance to weigh in on why the reality show The Voice was such a hit right out of the gate. “It actually has current celebrities as judges. They’re not people who used to be celebrities coming back to try to give advice,” she gives as the first reason. Then, more importantly, she says the show is the only one with a country artist as a judge. That country artist, of course, is Blake Shelton.”People love my husband, Blake,” she said. “There’s a sweet, big-brother side to him on the show that I never knew existed.” She also thinks the show stands out because of what it’s not about — image. “Everything in entertainment right now is so driven by being skinny and 
beautiful, but The Voice is just about talent. There’s never been a show like that. Last season, Christina had Frenchie and Beverly, two bald girls who can absolutely wail. That’s awesome! Has there ever been a competition where the final two girls on someone’s team were bald?”

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