Brad Paisley Renames His 2012 Tour

Brad Paisley has changed the name of his upcoming tour to Virtual Reality World Tour 2012 to reflect the high-tech visuals onstage. The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery will also perform on the tour. “When you see plans and sketches on paper, it’s one thing, but to actually see it in real life is something else, and that’s what happened to me when we were in tour rehearsals. When I saw the visuals and how exciting and sometimes mind-blowing they were, I just felt the tour name needed to reflect what the fans were going to see,” Paisley said. “For two hours each night of the tour, they can be taken away from reality — literally.” The tour had been previously billed as the Camobunga! 2012 World Tour, which combined the name of his single, “Camouflage,” with the signature phrase of Howdy Doody, “Cowabunga!” The expression found a new audience when it was used on The Simpsons TV series.