OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood’s Shirt Reminds Me

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In the chapter of his Diary of a Player book called “Celebrity,” Brad Paisley talks about how gracefully Carrie Underwood has handled her fame. And how she is making music for the right reasons. And how she just keeps getting better and better.

I was there when Underwood opened for Paisley in Chicago in 2006, and I remember thinking that her wardrobe choice for the show said so much. She was wearing a vintage Paisley tour T-shirt, showing the world that while she was indeed sharing the stage with a star like him, she hadn’t forgotten that she was just another Paisley fan.

Then there’s some insight in the book from Underwood herself. “I was lucky enough to go on tour with Brad Paisley a few years ago,” she says, explaining that he has since become like a big brother to her. “You know, like that pesky big brother who does nothing but pick on you and pick on his guitar! At least one of those pays off really well.”

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