OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman: Worst Dressed?

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Keith Urban looks nothing like Ellen DeGeneres, so I didn’t even think Joan Rivers’ cruel little joke about that on her Fashion Police show on the E! network was funny. And after that joke, things just went from bad to worse when she was critiquing Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Golden Globes styles. “He frizzes her hair, which is why she now keeps her body temperature at 50 degrees,” Rivers said. Both were wearing Versace and wearing it well: Kidman in a perfectly studded, clingy champagne halter dress and Urban in a tuxedo with a black necktie. Kelly Osbourne had the nerve to say Kidman “could even be a worst-dressed nominee.” Only the always-classy Giuliana Rancic had nice things to say. “I think the dress itself is stunning. It’s a beautiful dress, and her body looks amazing,” she said.

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