OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift on the Maximum Capacity of Cuteness

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It’s not a new love interest she is talking about. When Taylor Swift says she was attracted to the new movie, The Lorax, she is actually just referring to the fuzzy little animated animals that make up the Dr. Seuss story. According to Swift, the characters have achieved “the maximum capacity of cuteness.” The movie comes out on March 2, so Swift has been making the media rounds recently to chat about what she loved most about the movie. (She is the voice of Audrey.) And more than the adorableness of her co-stars, she says she has always been interested in rhyming. “I’ve always had this just obsession with rhyming,” she says of her love for Dr. Seuss with all of his nails, pails and snails. “And so I grew up and became a songwriter, and now I get to rhyme stuff all the time.” She thinks her fans — and anybody — will love The Lorax because it’s got a magical essence to it. “I mean, there’s something so insane about the story. There’s such loss, but there’s such hope at the end of it.”