OFFSTAGE: Is a Kenny Chesney Fan Justified?

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I’ve watched every episode of Justified on FX since it premiered two years ago. Granted, when I say “watched,” a lot of that is done with my eyes closed to shut out the bloody violence. But at its core, this is an excellent modern-day cowboy-cop drama set in Harlan, Ky. And just this week, the script included some Kenny Chesney name-dropping that I just have to mention. The main character and U.S. marshal, Raylan, is trying to get his estranged wife to come home. She tells him if he wanted to change his life for her, he would’ve done so by now. Then they argue about money. Then Raylan, played by Timothy Olyphant, says, “Saw all that Kenny Chesney on your computer. I figured you were capable of anything.” She says, “I love Kenny Chesney.” It’s so random, so out of the blue, that I wanted to know how it ended up in the episode. And fortunately, Entertainment Weekly had just asked executive producer Graham Yost for the scoop . “You know, honestly, that was Tim [Olyphant]. It was just the name that came into his mind when he was saying, ’What if you, you know, search through your wife’s computer, and you find out, ohmygod, I didn’t know you were a Kenny Chesney fan.’ It’s just sort of [showing] how much we don’t know about the people we’re tied up with,” Yost explained. I think that says so much. For one, that Olyphant is probably a Chesney fan, himself. And that living between the hayfields and the hollows, it’s probably justified.