OFFSTAGE: Ira Dean’s Take on Sundays

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

There’s a dramatic scene in Ira Dean’s new video where he throws a bottle of Jack Daniel’s against a crumbling wall. It’s cool because it really gets to the heart of that hangover remorse in Dean’s new song “Something About a Sunday.” So when I asked Dean where they found an old rundown room to shoot in, I was surprised it wasn’t even in Nashville. “We shot the whole thing in Wabash, Ind.,” he told me. “And that scene was shot in the room over the old movie theater. No one had even been in the room since the ’50s. We even found old theater tickets up there for a premiere of a John Wayne movie.”

Dean also told me they shot for about 30 hours straight to make this video (thank you, Five Hour Energy), and the candles that surround his grand piano came from Walmart. Oh, and that guy in the jail scene with Dean? That’s Mel Tillis.

Those elements all give the video such artistic imagery, you almost forget the ugly truths Dean is singing about. Like how you drink all night and spend the next day feeling so bad, trying to fix it with caffeine, Visine and nicotine.

“This song is brutally honest,” he told me. “Johnny [Cash] always told me, ’With songwriting, stick with the truth, son. Because people recognize the truth right away, even if it’s been years since they heard it.’ And to me, Sundays are like a big jar of White-Out. Make you think you can start over.”

Dean is pursuing a solo career after success in the ’90s as a member of Trick Pony, so starting over seems to be a familiar theme in his life these days.