Taylor Swift Invites Cancer Patient to Be Her Date at ACM Awards

Taylor Swift made Kevin McGuire a counteroffer he couldn’t refuse after he invited her to his high school prom in New Jersey. McGuire, 18, a senior at Sterling High School in Somerdale, N.J., is fighting his second battle with leukemia. He attracted Swift’s attention after his sister, Victoria McGuire, created a Facebook page titled “Taylor Swift Take Kevin McGuire to Prom.” The page has now gained the support of almost 400,000 followers. On her Facebook page, Swift responded, “Kevin, I’m so sorry but I won’t be able to make it to your prom. But I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up … Would you be my date? Love, Taylor.” McGuire immediately accepted the invitation, although he’s currently undergoing treatment at a Philadelphia hospital and isn’t certain if he’ll be able to attend the April 1 awards show. However, his sister posted on their Facebook page, “Taylor got back to us!!!! She is unable to attend Kevin’s prom, although did one better — invited Kevin to be her date to the Country Music Awards! Thank you so so so so so much! The McGuire family could never show how grateful we are to all of you! … We have won in more than one way. We got Taylor to take Kevin on a date, and we have made so many good friends along the way!” Swift is nominated in the entertainer of the year, female vocalist and video categories at the ACM Awards.