OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert Says Blake Shelton’s Into ’80s Songs

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“He’s real big into the ’80s songs, and I’m not.” That’s really the only complaint Miranda Lambert has about the way her husband Blake Shelton is running things on his team so far on The Voice. And if that’s their only issue — having different takes on music from a few decades ago — then they are good to go. Lambert is going to mentor Shelton’s Team Blake on the show, and she said during an NBC interview that she was a really bad backseat driver last season. “Blake would be doing things, making decisions, and I’d always be popping up,” she said. “And he was like, ’You’d probably be really good at it. You should come on if you have the opportunity.'” Her only issue, she says, was the song choices. “Last year, I had some issues. This year I kinda stayed out of it. But when I first looked over the list, I was like, ’Really? This is your choice?'” She went on to say that being on Nashville Star at 19 showed her how much pressure there is on shows like The Voice. And I think that’s what will make her the perfect mentor: because she’s gone from contestant to superstar and can bring the team that one-of-a-kind perspective.