OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift, in a Kanye West Shirt

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You know that old adage about how if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you shouldn’t say anything at all? Well, I’m trying to bite my tongue on this one, but it’s kind of my job to bring country fans any and all lifestyle news about the artists — whether I like that news or not. So here goes.

Inside the new issue of the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Taylor Swift is wearing something a little out there. It’s striped, and it’s under a kind of oriental rug of a wrap. But here’s the ugly part. It was designed by Kanye West . Yes, that Kanye West. Of the legendary Imma-Let-You-Finish fame. He’s apparently a designer now, even though you can’t really get a gauge on his prices because his shirt in the cover photo is listed as “price on application.” Whatever that means.

I realize the Kanye incident was way back in 2009 at the MTV Music Awards when Swift was just trying to gracefully accept her award, and we all should forgive and forget. Swift has probably done that, although it should be noted that celebrities featured in these fashion shoots for major magazines are often presented clothing at the last minute without any sort of tags to identify the the designer or manufacturer. So there’s a good possibility Taylor wasn’t even aware she was wearing a item from West’s collection. As for me and my attitude toward West, I live life like a Garth Brooks song. I bury the hatchet but leave the handle sticking out.

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