OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood’s Newlywed Is Showing

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You can tell Carrie Underwood is still a newlywed by the way she talks about her husband in interviews. For example, in the cover story from the new issue of Self magazine , she’s all Mike this and Mike that. It’s adorable. She says she is respectful of her husband, even when he mentions her dress may be a little short. “I get texts from Mike [Fisher] when I’m on a red carpet that read, ’You’re so hot!’ I like that. Words of affirmation mean a lot to me,” she says. “But my husband is also pretty conservative. When I’m wearing some outfits, he’ll say, ’That dress is a little short, don’t you think?’ He would never tell me I can’t do or wear something or make me feel bad, but I’m a married lady now, so I try to be respectful of my husband. I want to look sexy for him, and I appreciate that he wants to look nice for me, too.”

She does admit, though, that they don’t work out together because Fisher was too rough on her one time when they did leg throws and that he has to help her cook when they eat at home because she doesn’t know what to do with meat. (Underwood is a vegan.) One thing they both seem to agree on? Hockey games. “I love going to live sports events. It’s fun to have a beer and watch Mike play,” she says.

Check back tomorrow for more of what Underwood eats — and doesn’t eat — and the workout she does using a deck of cards as her trainer.

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