OFFSTAGE: Will Miranda Lambert’s Tweets Force Sponsorship?

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I don’t know how tour sponsorships happen. But if this Miranda Lambert one materializes, we will have Twitter to thank. She’s been talking for years about a cocktail she invented, the Randarita. So a few days ago, when her husband Blake Shelton tweeted, “I just realized how ridiculous it is that Bacardi doesn’t sponsor my tour,” Lambert responded with , “What about mine? I invented the Randarita!” Later, things started heating up when Shelton threatened his brand loyalty. “If I don’t have at least an offer from them by the end of the week, what should I switch to?” he wrote. Lambert seconded his thought, tweeting, “Yea what he said!” Then she posted the Randarita recipe: Bacardi, raspberry lemonade Crystal Light and a splash of Sprite Zero. “They better step it up or the Sheltons are going on strike,” she wrote. That finally piqued the rum company’s interest. “blakeshelton & Miranda Lambert — Please don’t quit us! We love you as much as you used to love us,” they posted on their Twitter page. If they do end up sponsoring Lambert’s next tour, what should it be called? Rum & Ran? The House That Rum Built? No Dry Towns?

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