OFFSTAGE: Mix Up Toby Keith’s Swamp Water for St. Patrick’s Day

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I’m not Irish. But on St. Patrick’s Day, don’t we all kind of get our Irish on? So it makes sense we’d celebrate with things like watching the city of Chicago dye its river green, by wearing classic “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” T-shirts and maybe even by listening to Garth Brooks’ “Ireland,” a track from his 1995 Fresh Horses album. Over and over and over. Or maybe that’s just me. This year, though, when it comes to what to drink, I’m going to set aside my annual pint of Guinness and celebrate with some of Toby Keith’s swamp water. It’s what they’re pouring this weekend at his I Love This Bar & Grill restaurants, but you can easily make a batch (or 10) at home. Let’s also start this Irish tradition. When you’re singing along to Keith’s hit “Red Solo Cup,” change the lyric to “Freddie Mac can pog mo thoin.”

Swamp Water

1.25 ounces, Toby Keith’s Wild Shot Mezcal Silver
2.25 ounces, Apple Pucker
.75 ounces, simple syrup
Splash of Midori
Fill with sweet-and-sour mix
Float lime juice
Garnish with 2 limes and a cherry
Add 2 drops of green food coloring to darken the green (optional)
Serve over ice in a mason jar

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