OFFSTAGE: Lady Antebellum Helping High School Own the Night Again

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Nobody deserves a special prom more than Henryville High School in Henryville, Ind.. Lady Antebellum know that. And even teenagers who don’t go to Henryville know that. It may be why this special school was chosen as the winner of the band’s Own the Prom Night contest. A series of tornadoes ripped through Henryville on March 2, severely damaging the town and their school. So the kids at a neighboring high school entered Henryville in the Lady A contest. As did kids from high schools all over. But the winning entry is as heart-wrenching as you can get with pleas from students and teachers and one woman who lost both her legs shielding her kids from the storm. One of the Henryville teachers says, “The very first thought I had was that I was going to make sure that this was the best prom that they ever had. If I had to spend my own money, they were going to have a prom. Nothing’s going to erase the memories of that day for these kids, but we can give them something that’s going to make it a little easier on them.” The other teacher adds, “They’ve grieved, and they need this happiness back in their lives.” How could the band say no to that? Lady A is planning a big prom-like event on May 16 for all the school’s juniors and seniors, along with a fundraiser for the community.