OFFSTAGE: Behind Blake Shelton’s Bromance

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If you were going to give Blake Shelton and Adam Levine one of those hip blended monikers, how would Bladam sound? No? OK, then how about Shelvine? Either way, whatever you do, just know their friendship is the epitome of a textbook bromance. In a Q&A in this week’s People magazine , the two star judges from The Voice talk about what makes their odd coupleness work. And how they both think the friendship will last for life, even if the show does not. And during the whole interview, they poke fun at one another effortlessly. Levine on Shelton’s motorcycle disdain: “Can you believe this guy? You shoot stuff, you live on a huge country-paradise ranch — you are country — and you don’t ride motorcycles. That’s part of the equation!” Then Shelton on Levine’s likely defeat in a UFC fight between the two: “I’d never hit him. But I could just sit on him.”

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