Miranda Lambert Ready to Pass the ACM Torch

She Wins ACM Awards for Album, Female Vocalist

LAS VEGAS — Miranda Lambert picked up her third ACM award in the album of the year category Sunday night (April 1) and admitted to reporters backstage she hoped she’d win. However, she surprised the press by saying that she’s not interesting in adding to her trophy collection.

“I really did want this really bad, but I’m good now. I don’t need to win another ACM ever,” said Lambert, who also won her third consecutive ACM award for female vocalist. “I love the ACMs and I love the industry. I’m so thankful, and I don’t want to be greedy. I’m so happy. … Winning female is a complete shock. I’m so thankful. I’m humbled, but I do believe that a time comes for certain awards that you pass the torch, and I’m ready to do that.”

In addition to her two trips to the podium, Lambert also delivered “Over You,” her latest single which she wrote with her husband, Blake Shelton, about his brother’s untimely death. Shelton co-hosted the show with Reba McEntire and won his first-ever ACM male vocalist trophy.

During her glowing interview session backstage, Lambert fielded questions about her big night, her anniversary plans and her upcoming record with the Pistol Annies, a trio with fellow singer-songwriters Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

This is your third album to win an ACM award. How does that feel?

Lambert: My albums consume my life. They drive my career, my whole set-up and everything that has to do with me, in general, as far as writing and all that stuff. So when I say they’re like my children, it really is [true]. The thing that I live for is making albums because that’s what makes everything else happen in my life. Man, this category this year was probably the toughest one ever that I can think of. I own every one of [the nominated albums]. I listen to every one of them. And I’m like, “Crap, they’re all really good!” (laughs)

What did you think when Blake introduced you as “Miranda Lambert Shelton” tonight?

That was cute! (laughs) The song I performed tonight is so personal. I was already emotional to begin with because I was performing that song. We’ve been almost married a year now, and that song means a lot to us in our personal life. So after the emotional rollercoaster of winning two awards that I didn’t expect to win and hearing him introduce me that way…. I haven’t cried all night but I think it’s going to hit me later. I’m just trying to hold it together. I’m so thankful we get to celebrate these moments together and have these memories.

How will you spend your anniversary?

I think he’s going to be at The Voice, so I’ll probably be at home with my dogs! (laughs)

How are you supporting Blake during his time on The Voice?

I told him if he wanted me to come see him in L.A., he had to get me a place with a pool and a yard for my dogs. And he did that, so I guess I’ve gotta fly out there. (laughs)

Can you talk about Blake’s win tonight? He seemed genuinely shocked and emotional.

We really are normal people in our everyday life. We go home to a farm in a little bitty town in Oklahoma and all of this goes away. I could just tell he felt the way I did tonight, the look in his eyes going, “Holy crap, what are we doing up here?” We’re really thankful and humbled. We’re excited to celebrate together. But I think he feels the same way I do. It’s like, “Thank you so much for letting us win female and male, but we are totally happy.” We look at our awards every day. Don’t get me wrong. We have them all combined on one shelf, and now I guess we’ve got to get a bigger shelf. (laughs)

How’s the tour been going?

The tour’s awesome. I’ve been out with Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young on the On Fire tour. We go until May. Then all summer long we’re on the road in amphitheaters and arenas. The Pistol Annies are starting to come out with me in May. Pistol Annies are out with me all through the summer. Then we’re making a new album together in the fall. So, you’re welcome! (laughs)

What will that album be like?

I’m really so thankful for everything that’s happened to me solo. Now all I can think about is my girls and really developing my band. The new album will be just what you expect. It’s three country girls singing about three country girls’ lives. We write everything on our own. We did on the first record. Our goal in this next record is to write everything in our family, just the three of us girls again. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m going to start focusing on that after the summer tour.

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