Taylor Swift Wants to Hug Fans After ACM Win

She Wins Entertainer of the Year With Help From Fan Voting

LAS VEGAS — Taylor Swift wants to wrap her arms around all of her fans, she told reporters Sunday night (April 1) at the ACM Awards after winning her second consecutive entertainer of the year award. Fan voting determines the winner in the category.

“I am so amazed that they keep doing such incredible, nice things for me,” Swift said backstage. “Like voting for entertainer of the year, voting for this, voting for that. … All the things they’ve done for me just in the last couple of weeks have been amazing. And then you add that on top of all the amazing things they’ve done for me in the last couple of years. I just want to hug them all the time and thank them for everything because it really blows my mind, to be honest with you.”

Swift also revealed she has extended an open invitation to 18-year-old leukemia patient Kevin McGuire to be her date for any future awards show. McGuire’s sister built a Facebook page to recruit Swift as his high school prom date in New Jersey. When Swift found out, she replied that she couldn’t make it to the prom, then invited him to the awards show in Las Vegas. However, a virus prevented him from attending.

“I called him yesterday and I told him that the next award show he’s well for, we’re going,” Swift told the reporters.

On Saturday (March 31), Swift met first lady Michelle Obama at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Backstage at the ACM Awards, she was still giddy about the encounter.

“This weekend has been amazing,” Swift said. “The first lady gave me an award for charitable contributions and giving back. I had never gotten to meet her before, and I was nervous about meeting her because I’m such a big fan and she’s such a role model. She was so cool! She was so nice and I met her daughters. … Then flying to Vegas, and this happens. I’m up there accepting entertainer of the year. I’m just really happy right now.”

Asked if she considered the award as the conclusion to the Speak Now chapter of her career, Swift replied, “Absolutely! This is a great way to cap it off, actually. This is a great way to cap anything off. … Speak Now has been an album that has been a two-year thing for me that I’ve been really proud of. The tour provided some of the most exciting moments of my life, whether it was a special guest surprising the audience several different nights of the tour or playing stadiums. It was an amazing thing.”

Swift added she’s “intensely writing” her new album, although she didn’t indicate when it would be completed.

“For me, I’m always looking forward. I’m always looking ahead to what’s next,” she said.

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