OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber Song: “Beautiful”

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Here’s what we know about the Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift song collaboration. It’s beautiful. That’s literally all we know. Otherwise, I swear I would tell you more. E! Online caught up with Selena Gomez in Beverly Hills Thursday (April 19), and that’s how she described it. “It’s beautiful,” she said. Now granted, Gomez would be extremely biased about anything those two do. She has been seriously dating Bieber forever, and she’s probably one of Swift’s very best friends. “I don’t know if it’s going to make it on the record, but it is beautiful,” she added. What? She doesn’t know if it will make it? I guess there’s always that slim chance a song won’t make the cut when you’re putting together an album’s track list. But come on. How could this one not make it? With those two names on a song, it’s destined for success. Whether it’s a rappy up-tempo tune like Beiber’s new “Boyfriend” or a sweet ballad with a message, like Swift’s “Mean,” I’m sure Gomez is right. Beautiful. Hey. Maybe that’s even the song’s title.